yeah i kin c: my experience with kin is super weird soooo i wont explain it cuz wed b here all day o_O 2 put it short theze are all characterz that r just me, characterz that i am n that i identify as. dont rlly care bout doublez unless itz keni (THATZ ME ASSHOLE)

keni antwell

my highest n most obscure kin, me n keni r literally just one in da same. thatz me. she me. i am me. aasdfghjk

i didnt rlly have these feelingz until triflerlab started upd8ing n stuff, when we got 2 learn more bout keni, n then i realized. wow haha. oh. oh. and those feelingz became something i couldnt ignore by teh time That Update (iykyk) came out. my downfall wuz such a trashfire itz insane. like hey anyone else ever just have coping mechanismz so awful n unhealthy they drive away the ppl around you? damn.

anywayz hiii i am da quirky science girl perceive me rite now


im srry 4 having a toh kin i didnt mean 2 T-T

so-called "free thinkerz" when they see a pink character with a mean personality in any media. wow thatz me. oopz. im not even a toh fan rlly i dont care 4 it @ all i just liek myself. which, yew know...iz dat rlly ooc 4 meh? i dont think so. hehehe.


"but linux which version of arcee do u kin?" stahp ur gonna make my brain think 2 hard n xplode!! DX

dont have much 2 say bout dis other then i just have a connection 2 da pink robot. *transformz in2 a car quagmire toilet style and transformz back* oopz dunno wut dat was abt O_o so random!

g3 pinkie pie

i am pinkie pie, g3 and g3.5 pinkie pie 2 be specific! idk why specifically g3 pinkie. i just have more of a connection 2 her den g4. remember wen g3 pinkie pie appeared in mlp:fim? cuz dat wuz super random xD